Crown Roofer Program

Crown Roofer Program

Ludowici created the Crown Roofer program to ensure our roof tile is installed in a professional and accurate manner according to the highest standards possible. To qualify for the Crown Roofer program, firms are fully vetted by our staff to ensure they are a top notch roofing contractor dedicated to quality and craftsmanship.


  • Be a current Ludowici contractor
  • Be nominated by a member of the Ludowici sales team
  • Pass an in-depth credit inquiry
  • Participate in budgetary work on Ludowici projects as needed
  • Market and promote Ludowici roof tile
  • Support training program with skilled craftsmen
  • Maintain two Ludowici factory-trained employees on staff


Ludowici Crown Roofers are the only roofing contractors able to offer the Ludowici Shield Warranty.

Crown Roofers