Terra Cotta Cladding & Solar Shades

Terra Cotta Cladding & Solar Shades

Through our subsidiary Terreal North America, Ludowici offers a variety of highly innovative terra cotta cladding products. Beautiful and durable, ventilated facades, rainscreen systems, and terra cotta solar shades offer limitless architectural possibilities for any region.

One of the innovative solutions offered by Terreal North America is the economical¬†NeXclad family of products, manufactured at Ludowici’s New Lexington, Ohio facility. NeXclad solutions feature two sizes of small module terra cotta cladding in an overlapping shingled effect. The newest product, NeXclad True, is a flushed mounted version of the small module terra cotta solution. These products carry the same 75-year material warranty as others manufactured by Ludowici.

Adding terra cotta solar shades is a beautiful way to absorb and diffuse sunlight from building exteriors, giving you a green and effective building envelope.

Explore the entire Terreal North America product offering www.terrealna.com.


Terra Cotta Cladding and Solar Shades from Terreal North America