Thanks to Ludowici’s lightweight interlocking profiles, weight concerns will not limit building owners to poor-performing synthetic products.

LudoSlate and LudoShake offer Ludowici’s signature durability and sustainability, each profile weighs less than 600 pounds per square. As a result, they are the ideal choices for projects where weight is a concern.

LudoSlate, with the texture and varied thickness of natural slate, comes in 11 standard colors and is warranted for 75 years in all climates. LudoShake, with the same warranty, replicates the appearance of hand-split wood shakes. Unlike rubber or plastic slates and shakes, LudoSlate and LudoShake have 120 years of proven technology behind them, are Class A fire rated, and will never curl, fade, or rot. Both are lightweight, easy to install, maintenance free, and have fewer pieces per square than the alternatives.


LudoSlate™ Plastic Domestic Slate Imported Slate
Pieces / Square 111 172-265 225 – up 225 – up
Lightweight YES (598 lbs/sq) YES (275-350 lbs/sq) NO (800-1500 lbs/sq) NO (800-1500 lbs/sq)
Color Permanent Not permanent Some colors weather Some colors weather
Warping / Curling NO Usually(1) No No
Fire Rating Class A Varies By Manufacturer Class A Class A
Warranty 75 years(2) 50 years(3) No No
Product History 120 years 10 years or less 100 plus years 10 years
Thickness 3/4″ 1/8″ – 1/2″ 1/8″ – up 1/8″ – up
Walkability YES YES Depends on quarry and thickness Depends on quarry and thickness

(1) Depending on their formulation, plastic slates will react to the elements by changing shape, warping and curling.
(2) Ludowici warranty includes colorfastness.
(3) Plastic slate warranties do not include colorfastness and are typically pro-rated.


LudoShake™ Plastic Shake Wood Shake Cement / Concrete Shake
Pieces / Square 111 – 119 172 – 265 240 – 260 85 – 120
Lightweight YES (598 lbs/sq) YES (275 – 350 lbs/sq) YES(1)(300 – 400 lbs/sq) NO (950 – 1200 lbs/sq)
Color Permanent Will Discolor Colors Weather Will Fade
Warping / Curling NO Usually(2) YES NO
Fire Rating Class A Varies by Maunfacturer Non-rated Class A
Resistant To Freeze
Thaw Cycles
Maintenance Free YES YES NO – Cedar Shakes require
treatment every 2-4 years
Warranty 75 years(3) 50 years(4) 0 – 50 years 0 – 50 years
Product History 120 years 10 years or less 100 plus years 100 plus years
Thickness 3/4″ 3/16″ – 1/2″ 1/8″ – up 1/2″ – 1″
Walkability YES YES YES Cement Shake – NO
Concrete Shake – YES
Sustainable YES NO(5) NO(6) YES(7)
Typical Lifespan 100 plus years Unknown 15 – 25 years 15 years
Reusable YES(8) NO NO NO
Natural Material YES(clay) NO(plastic) YES(wood) NO
Plentiful or
Renewable Material
YES NO(petroleum-based) NO(destroys forests) YES

(1) Weight shown is for dry wood shakes. Depending on the water absorption rate of wood selected, the saturated weight of wood shakes can become heavy.
(2) Depending on their formulation, plastic shakes will react to the elements by changing shape, warping and curling
(3) Ludowici warranty includes color fastness.
(4) Plastic shake warranties do not include color fastness and are usually pro-rated. Ask how long the company has been in business and the product on the market. Investigate the value of a 50 year warranty from a 10 year old company and/or product.
(5) Plastic shakes are made from petroleum.
(6) The best wood shakes come from old growth forests.
(7) The base material is sustainable but the color will change significantly.
(8) There is a large market for salvaged Ludowici Roof Tile. Markets for used plastic, wood shakes and cement/concrete shakes do not exist.

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