Like all terra cotta manufacturers, Ludowici Roof Tile offers products covering a wide price range. Several of the primary factors influencing cost are outlined below. Ludowici can provide terra cotta roof tiles and accessory packages to fit most budgets; material costs for some profiles start as low as $3 per square foot.

Cost Factors — Production:

  • Manufacturing facility
  • Kiln technology
  • Raw material availability and quality
  • Pre-production clay preparation
  • Type of production line (automated vs. labor-intensive)
  • Natural gas costs
  • Quality level of terra cotta tile produced
    • All Ludowici terra cotta tiles are ASTM C1167 Grade 1 certified.

Cost Factors — Tile Profile:

  • Size and shape of terra cotta tile
  • Pieces per square (1 square = 100 ft of roof area): Fewer pieces per square means lower material and installation costs.
  • Surface texture and treatment (brushed, weathered, scored, sanded, etc)
  • Color (clay body type, matte glaze, gloss glaze, etc)

Cost Factors — Installation:

  • Pieces per square (affects labor and number of fasteners)
  • Roof slope & Structure height
  • Installer labor (union vs non-union)
  • Use of batten and/or counter batten system.
    • Ludowici Roof Tiles do not require the use of batten or counter battens like most competitors’ clay and/or concrete products.
  • Project location (region of country)

The chart below illustrates the difference in pieces per square between Ludowici Roof Tile’s product families:

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