Custom Tile

Custom Tile

Ludowici’s custom tile capabilities are unsurpassed by any other roofing manufacturer in the world. Using samples from an existing roof, Ludowici can make patterns and molds to press out custom replacement tiles, or create new patterns based on an architect’s drawings. Ludowici’s skilled craftsmen are able to recreate hand-finished textures such as finger streaks, hand slush, or multi-directional scoring. Additionally, our ceramic engineers can develop custom glaze colors that meet your custom tile design needs. The possibilities are endless.

Historic Renovation Terra Cotta Tile

For over 130 years, Ludowici has crafted hundreds of different profiles of terra cotta roof tiles as well as thousands of different trim parts, ranging from the heavily ornate designs of the Victorian era to the simpler lines of the second industrial revolution. However, as architectural styles and tastes have changed, so has Ludowici’s product line. Even though some products are no longer standard, Ludowici has a vast library of historic patterns and designs.

Using historic catalogs, drawings and technical guides going back to the 1800s, Ludowici’s technical service department can identify and quote replacement parts for your historic roof. In addition to replicating Ludowici’s own historic tile profiles and trim, Ludowici can match tiles from long gone manufacturers like B. Mifflin Hood and Heinz.

During the detailed historic replication process, you’ll work closely with Ludowici’s technical team. This process can take several weeks including pattern identification, hand molding samples, approvals, etc. Ludowici will work hard to make sure the tile is the best match for your project as possible.