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Terreal is the worldwide leader in manufacturing terra cotta products. Based in Paris, France, Terreal specializes in a product range of facades, structural clay products and roof tiles. This extensive and diverse product offering is produced in 26 clay factories located around the world. Terreal’s international presence includes subsidiaries and offices in France, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, the United States, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Key figures:

  • Worldwide leader in terra cotta rainscreens
  • Worldwide leader in flat and mediterranean tiles
  • European leader in structural and decorative terra cotta products
  • French leader in chimneys and roofing components
  • Façades: ventilated terra cotta facades, terra cotta sunscreens, terra cotta acoustical cladding, bricks and brick slips
  • Structural products: clay blocks, hollow bricks, monolithic bricks and clay accessories
  • Roof tile: more than 60 different profiles in over 300 colors

Terreal Skills

Each of TERREAL Façade’s manufacturing facilities in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the U.S. has its own architectural vision and brings its own expertise to the TERREAL Group. There is a wide range of colors and shapes to fit all design ideas.


The TERREAL plant in Revel (Hatue-Garonne, France) benefits from its proximity to the Saint-Papoul quarry, from where most of the clay used in the manufacturing of its cladding products come. All products from Revel are covered by a French technical standard and subject to the “CSTB Certified” certification (administered by the CSTB, the French construction industry’s scientific and technical center). This document defines the product, its processes, its characteristics and its method of use. The CSTB and its commission of experts, ensures that the products we manufacture always conform to the technical standards.

The TERREAL plant in Entroncamento is a modern factory in Portugal specializing in large module cladding products. It boasts the latest manufacturing processes which provide great flexibility and extensive production capacity, enabling it to produce custom products. Custom products at this facility can include custom thru-body colors, special surface finishes, custom glazes, custom shapes and large sizes/modules.

The TERREAL plant in New Lexington, OH (Ludowici) has been in continuous operation since 1888. Each year this facility produces tens of thousands of custom and unique terra cotta pieces. The addition of its NexClad wall cladding tile gives architects and designers a simple, affordable terra cotta wall cladding option with many custom surfaces and colors available.

The Rieussequel plant in the Tarn region of France, specializes in producing bricks, brick slips, brick accessories and sunscreen terra cotta baguettes. All products produced in the Rieussequel facility comply with aesthetic, geometric characteristics (dimensions, flatness and straightness), physical and chemical properties (conventional expansion under humidity, frost resistance and breaking under deflection) as defined by current French standards.

The San Marco brand and products are produced in three facilities in Italy. San Marco offers complete terra cotta products for the entire building including floors, walls, and the roof. San Marco uses traditional production methods and modern manufacturing technologies to find innovative and original ways to use clay in the production of cladding products.

Terreal North America designs and manufactures terra cotta wall claddings, sunscreens and roof tiles. Terreal North America is a subsidiary of Ludowici Roof Tile, both based in New Lexington, Ohio. As part of a family of terra cotta companies, Terreal’s products are engineered and manufactured in facilities with over 300 years of terra cotta production experience. With 26 factories worldwide, Terreal’s automated processes and large production capacities allow for affordable terracotta product solutions.


Key figures: 

  • Large capacity manufacturer of terra cotta cladding products
  • Located in New Lexington, OH
  • Complete support staff of engineers, architects and ceramicists
  • Engineered systems and solutions approach
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Why us?

  • Largest clay product offering in the industry — roof and walls
  • 1st manufacturer to develop double skin terra cotta claddings over 20 years ago with world famous Italian architect Renzo Piano
  • 1st manufacturer to develop single skin terra cotta cladding over 30 years ago
  • Millions of square feet installed around the world
  • Complete system offered including technical & design assistance
  • (6) Manufacturing plants for wall facade products (26 plants total — all clay products)
  • Subsidiary of Ludowici Roof Tile and over 120 years of successful terra cotta tile projects in the U.S.
  • Oldest terra cotta manufacturer in Europe (over 100 years old)
  • Factory representation in the U.S. — not independent brokers or distributors
  • Complete team of engineers, architects and building envelope specialists to help make all building projects a success


Our Approach

Terreal North America takes an engineered systems and solutions approach to designing and manufacturing terra cotta cladding systems. In addition to having multiple factories to produce terra cotta tiles, our approach is to design, support, engineer and manufacture systems. Our in-house professional team along with our engineering and fabricator partners, ensure a systems approach is supplied. We offer complete detail and design support, including engineering calculations that can be sealed by registered engineers in all states. With millions of square feet installed around the world, Terreal North America’s team has the know how and expertise to assist on all designs. Let our technical team assist you on your next terra cotta cladding project.
Key figures:

  • Engineered systems approach
  • In-house staff of architects, engineers and ceramicists
  • Team of engineering and fabricator partners
  • Know-how expertise


TOM, LLC or Terreal Ohio Mining, LLC was formed in January 2012 when Ludowici Roof Tile acquired a small clay mining operation formally known as Bear Creek Clay. Ludowici Roof Tile has purchased all its clay and shale from this mining location for many years. The clay mine is located just a short six mile drive from the Ludowici plant in the small town of Saltillo, Ohio. Ludowici not only uses this mine for its own raw material needs, but also provides the same clay raw material to customers that produce a variety of other clay & shale products such as: industrial floor tile, brick, thin brick, tile pipe, floor tile, brick pavers, building bricks, pool coping, pottery and refractory materials. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about or purchasing the raw clay and shale materials that are available from this mine.



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